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Reinventing the concept of natural product

NATURE TEC has developed a logistic and commercial network to promote, commercialize and distribute Nutraceutics, nutritional supplements, organic cosmetics and other related products, with the purpose of satisfying the increasing demand for natural products in Costa Rica and Central América.

Products Terra & Botanics

Terra & Botanics is an innovative company that seeks solutions for the health care from natural products, with a team of highly qualified researchers and a vision for the environment.

The main purpose of Nature-Tec is to change the concept of natural product, increasing its funcionality, focusing on the active principles and the absorption in the body, improving its extraction and optimizing the routes of administration. All of the above, leading edge technology in balance with sustainable development, using organic products with spring funtain water, without petroleum derivates and looking for natural solutions to preserve the products.

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+1 754 3033415 info@nature-tec-inc.com