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Our History

As an initiative of a group of researchers facing of major deficiencies in the production of medicines and cosmetics from natural products in the market, emerges the company NATURE-TEC.

The chemist, Dario Chinchilla after collaborating for years in multiple researcher at the Center for Research in Natural Products (CIPRONA) of Costa Rica University is associated with a medical group professionals, microbiologists, scientists and computer engineers, dedicated to research in institutions such as the University from Costa Rica and the Tecnological Institute in order to create NATURE-TEC a fully Costa Rican capital company leading to research, that is born to create products really thought out and proved to solve health problems.

The main purpose of NATURE-TEC is to change the concept of natural product, increasing its funcionality, focusing on the active principles and the absorption in the body, improving its extraction and optimizing the routes of administration. All of the above, leading edge technology in balance with sustainable development, using organic products with spring water, without petroleum derivates and looking for natural solutions to preserve the products.


NATURE-TEC is a company oriented to search of solutions for the personal health care from natural products, leading edge technology in balance with a sustainable development.


Being a company of excellence, that is oriented to the search of solutions for the health care, thus conquering the national and international markets with leading edge technology in balance with a sustainable development that provides benefits to their workers and generates value in its shareholders.

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+1 754 3033415 info@nature-tec-inc.com